anni + ross

The beautiful and talented Anni is no stranger to this space as she is the mastermind behind this series. I love collaborating with her as she is damn good at what she does and is such a doll. Anni and her sweetheart got married this past weekend and the mister and I got to witness one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever been to. They got married here, which is one of the coolest spaces in Chicago. I brought my trusty camera along and although I’m a complete amateur and could never capture the kind of photographs she does, it was kinda neat to have her be in front of the camera for a change.

**Speaking of weddings, Anni is an excellent photographer and if you are getting married and are looking for a photographer, make sure to check out her site, her body of work speaks for itself.

3 thoughts on “anni + ross

  1. Samantha says:

    Wow!! Did you take these photographs? They are amazing. They have a lovely nostalgic feel to them.

  2. Anni says:

    Yay, I love these! I am so glad you could come, and so glad that you had a good time. Ross says the four of us need to go out sometime, too. :)

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