kinfolk by birchhouse


images by birchhouse

Back in November, I mentioned attending the Kinfolk satellite dinner in Chicago with Anni and am so pleased that the talented photographers behind birchhouse have posted the lovely pictures they took of that night as they captured the magic pretty damn well.

Birchhouse, I love, love, love your work, I’m excited that you have a Chicago connection! Also, someone please, hurry up and host another Kinfolk satellite dinner because I’m itching for another night of good eatin’ drinkin’ and hanging with awesome people, especially my girl, Anni.

9 thoughts on “kinfolk by birchhouse

  1. lo says:

    Ahh this does look like a magical night! I hope they do another dinner series in 2013 because I am dying to go.

  2. Sierra says:

    This looks so fun! And I love your shirt :)

  3. danamcdowell says:

    Just plain jealous.

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