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I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’ve become very aware of the need of a good bag. I’m not just talking about a purse as that’s a given, I mean a nice quality backpack or duffel bag, a plain ole good bag to carry your items to and fro. I came across Sandqvist and I’m pretty much drooling over each bag. I can think of about 10 items that I absolutely need, I dare you to visit the site and not feel the same way. Happy Friday, friends!

falcon wright

falcon wright

I’m not much of a clutch totin’ gal, mostly because I lose things very easily. However, these falcon wright clutches are so pretty that I’m sure I’d keep one of these babies at my side at all times.

organza flower

I still remember the moment I found out about, I told myself, someday when I get married I’m gonna wear one of their pieces. Guess what? I wore when we eloped! The sweet ladies from posted a few pictures from our elopement today, check it out. Thanks for being a huge part in making me feel so purty on that one December day.

stone and honey

pattern and colors via colourlovers

If you keep up with Fab, you’ll know that they currently have some Stone and Honey pieces for sale and you bet your ass, I got myself that necklace and ring that I’ve been coveting for oh-so-long. Yipee!


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My sister used to live in Seattle and I’m kicking myself for never visiting Totokaelo on one of my visits to her. I am constantly on their site looking for inspiration and am constantly finding myself lost in their collection of accessories. That Mociun ring, oh my goodness, I die.

women + men’s watches

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The mister loves watches. He likes to look on ebay for interesting watch bands. I never wear a watch but if I started, I think I’d definitely like the big, chunky look of a man’s watch. I could maybe borrow one of the mister’s watches but he’d probably not be too keen on that. Ha. :)