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on inspiration


all images via aqq design

I’m not going to lie to you, creatively, I’ve been sort of absent. I’ve hit a point where I feel like everything that could be done has been done by someone else, and done better than I could ever imagine. Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t a “woe is me, I’m comparing myself to everyone” thing, it’s just, for lack of a better term, a creative block.

So, lately, I’ve been trying to find inspiration in new places, I’m so used to my same sources and they’re great, but they’re not pushing me to do or make or write interesting things. In my hunt for more offbeat inspiration, I stumbled upon the work of AQQ Design and thought, this is the sort of simple yet unique kind of inspiration I need right now, it’s definitely a good start.

Where do you turn when you hit a creative block? I’d love to know. not to mention you’d be helping a sister out.

adieu – potato printing


images via adieu

Nothing like seeing pictures of gorgeous prints made by potatoes (yes, potatoes!) to make me feel like I’m not using my free time wisely. This is the kind of stuff I’d love to be working on when I’m not in front of a screen.

reverie // sergio guijarro

reverieDo you guys remember the amazing work of the talented Sergio Guijarro that I posted about awhile back? Well, Sergio e-mailed me recently about his new project and I was floored. I swear, it feels like his work was created just for me, I suppose that is the sign of a great artist.

reverie-2images via Sergio Guijarro

todeschini – mamie

David Mamie, Nicola Todeschini

Geometric shapes, type and colors – oh my! Loving the design work over at Todeschini – Mamie.


foxtooth by colin alexander

This fine Thursday morning could use the lovely artwork of one Colin Alexander. These brushstrokes and color combos are too good not to share.

zachary buchner

zachary buchner

I’ve been thinking that I need to frequent more art shows and exhibits, I really want to support the Chicago art scene and artists and well, going out to see this art would be a great first step. As I browsed through the exhibits currently at the Andrew Rafacz Gallery, I stumbled upon the rad work of Zachary Buchner and fell in love with his work.¬†Happy Monday!

in the make

in the make by klea mckenna and nikki grattan
featuring annie vought

Do you know what I’m obsessed with as of late? Artist studio visits, I am fascinated by the way creative people live, work and play, you just know everything they surround themselves with is super inspiring. So of course, I am absolutely enthralled by In The Make which features a different studio visit weekly. I have seriously been staying up way too late going through the archives and studying every detail about every artist. When I saw this interview with Annie Vought,¬† I just knew I had to share it on here, she is so cool, it’s unreal.

beth hoeckel

beth hoeckel / shop

I wanted to share some of Beth Hoeckel’s rad artwork as it’s really been inspiring me lately. I love her unique, shambolic and a bit off-kilter style, it’s what I try to strive for in my art but can’t really quite grasp. I’ve always been a “color within the lines” gal and I was recently told by an artist (painting is his thang) that with painting and art in general, perfect doesn’t equal good. Precision and perfection are sometimes our worst enemies when it comes to creating. Would you agree?

meloni mitchell

meloni mitchell / blog

Uber-cool Meloni Mitchell makes uber-cool art including these awesome tees, I’m waiting patiently for the moment that she launches some sort of online shop so I can snag some of these babies.

lydia kasumi shirreff

lydia kasumi shirreff / blog

I am always so impressed by people who can create beautiful things with paper, I on the other hand can craft a paper airplane that does not go very far. Lydia Kasumi Shirreff is one amazing 3d paper modeller, her creations are simply awe-inspiring.