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Sometimes I wake up and I have this urge to be unashamedly girly. Today is one of those days.

leah goren

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If you keep up with design sponge, you’re aware that Grace is giving away a scholarship to an art/design student currently enrolled in an undergrad program and she’s narrowed down the finalists to the top 10. If I may, I’d like to ask you guys to go over to design sponge and vote for Leah Goren. As you can see, the gal has some serious illustration chops. Did you ever see her cat print dresses? They are amazing, I am still saving up to get my hands on one! I don’t know Leah personally but her art and her work really speak to me. Call it a hunch, but I think she’s one cool chick! Check out her website and shop and I think you’ll agree with me wholeheartedly.

hello jenuine


I am loving the sweet, sweet illustrations of Jen Collins. She makes me wish that adorable yellow raincoat existed so I could wear it!

jenny vorwaller

// jenny vorwaller //

If I could pick a favorite painting medium at this time, I’d definitely go with watercolor. I’ve just been obsessed with everything watercolor as of late. At the top of my list is the work of Jenny Vorwaller, I want every single one of her pieces! Those colors are just so gorgeous!