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pretty girl, pretty colors

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Oh, you know, a pretty picture just because. Also, when I see this image, it reminds me of having long hair and trying the whole bun with chopsticks look, I could never quite pull it off but it was fun to try.

afternoon inspiration

Oh you know, just some afternoon color inspiration brought to you by an iPhone picture of my Valentine’s day aftermath. That chocolate sure was yummy, and those colors, just as yummy.


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The mister and I got a brand new coffee maker and I can’t believe how much happiness I’m getting out of this simple kitchen appliance. It may have something to do¬† with the fact that this is the very first “new” coffee maker I’ve ever owned. All the other coffee makers I’ve owned have been hand-me-downs from friends. Turns out, it’s the same deal for the mister.

So, my mood board today has been inspired by the deliciousness that is coffee….. and this apparent milestone in my adult life.

all about neon

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I love fall, it is my absolute favorite season. I am counting down the days until I can jump on a pile of leaves, visit a couple of pumpkin patches and of course, plan my halloween costume. However, fall doesn’t automatically mean all muted colors. There is nothing wrong with a pop of color here and there and that is therefore my current inspiration. A neon item incorporated into my daily wardrobe is what I’m planning for fall. What are your fall plans?