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I found these pictures on pinterest and loved the concept of taking something as ubiquitous as a leaf or a sheet of paper and transforming it by dipping it in gold paint. Makes me kinda happy that fall is on its way because then there’ll be plenty of leaves to dip in gold!

block printing

Have you guys heard of Dabble? They put together super affordable classes that are 3 hours long at most and are hosted by different people/businesses all over town. It’s a great way to try something new and see if you like it, also a way to discover new places in your city and meet cool, like-minded people.

Anyone who knows me would guess that this is right up my alley seeing as I’m a professional dabbler, you name it and I’ve probably taken a class on it.

I took my first Dabble class this week, a block printing class hosted by One Strange Bird, the cutest little shop full of so many awesome handmade goods. Our teacher Nicole, was the perfect hostess and we all had a blast picking a design, carving our block and then printing on fabric. I’m pretty pleased with my design and think I may make a pillow or something with it, what do you guys think?

inspired diy // clothing rack

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The mister and I got really lucky when we found our house because we scored on bedroom size, it’s pretty spacious. However, *cough-embarrassing confession-cough* having all that space has led us to believe we can just throw clothes wherever we please and it’s gotten pretty messy. I’ve decided to tackle this bedroom situation by building a clothing rack to get some of those garments off the floor but have them still be accessible.

I was extremely pleased at the numerous results when I googled DIY clothing rack, there are so many good ideas out there! Don’t you just love the internet? Of course, once I get started on this project, it’s gonna be hard to choose between all this inspiration. First world problems, I know.

inspired diy // painted mug

images via mollie of wild olive

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an inspired diy post and what better way to make a comeback than with this beautiful and yet super simple DIY by the genius creative force behind wild olive.  All you need is a sharpie paint marker, a plain mug and an idea from that pretty little head of yours.

diy inspiration // dip dye

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Although the dip dyeing craze has been around for awhile, I’ve yet to try it. So, I’ve rounded up a few tutorials that I’d like to give a go. How about you, what is your take on dip dyeing? Have you tried it?

diy inspiration // linens

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I’ve been on a serious DIY kick lately and these sweet ways to spruce up linens has just climbed to the top of my list. Aren’t they adorable?

diy inspiration // flowers

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I’m working on a special project that calls for DIY flowers so I’ve been gathering some inspiration and boy, is there some good stuff out there! I just got me some supplies and can’t wait to get cracking. Happy Friday!

inspired diy // spray painted antlers

I know the antler diy is pretty ubiquitous these days but I couldn’t help but put my own spin on it. Hobby Lobby faux antlers, check. Spray paint, check. Paint tape, check. Aaaaaaand…..that’s all you need. Nothing revolutionary but if like me, you have an odd obsession with spray painting things, then this project is just for you.

heart elbow patches

honestly wtf

I’ve got a pretty busy weekend ahead of me finishing up some freelance work but I would love to take the time to do this DIY project. How awesome are elbow patches? Heart shaped ones, even better!