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brunch mixology


Last week I mentioned attending a double-header Dabble event, the first being cupcake decorating and the second, a delicious (and dangerous) mixology class. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m no stranger behind the bar, I’ve been a part-time bartender at a small German pub for a few years, however, it’s a bierstube so we specialize in beer and not much else. A person who approaches me about a martini is out of luck, I can tell you all about pilsners, lagers and ales but don’t ask me for a lemon drop as I probably don’t have the ingredients for that.

All this to say, this class was perfect for me as I’m always looking for ways to sharpen my mixology skills, especially brunch mixology because we all know that when it comes to brunch, it’s all about the drinks. Dennis, our teacher was a fountain of knowledge, it was fascinating to not only learn about making these drinks but also the story behind each liquor and how it’s made/distilled. Let me tell you, this man made some mean drinks, he even gave us the recipe to one of his signature cocktails which was really yummy and deceptively strong.

The best part about the class? Getting buzzed before noon, of course. The true breakfast of champions, my friends.