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work it, girl

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I’ve mentioned my struggles with turning 30 and the slump that followed, but I haven’t really discussed some of the things I did to try to overcome that slump. Top of that list and something I should’ve started years ago, was committing to a steady fitness routine. I joined two different fitness programs and even sneak in some personal training sessions and let me tell you, it has done wonders for me, not even really physically (although, I have to say my arms are starting to look kinda good), but mentally. After a grueling hour of exercise, I honestly feel like I can take on the world and well, I love that feeling.

That being said, I am obsessed with Refinery29’s fitness section, the articles are useful, but most importantly, the photos accompanying these articles make me wanna run out and buy new workout gear every time. So, I came up with a small round up of items I wanna add to my workout arsenal inspired by some R29 posts. I don’t really know if those high tops are necessarily practical workout shoes but I really don’t care because…FLORAL!

2012 goals // personal

camera // fruits & veggies // goodwill bag // yoga

Some of my personal goals for 2012. Notice how most of them are exercise/nutrition related. Let’s just say 2011 wasn’t my “healthiest” year. Oops. However, I do plan on running a 5k in May and just bought a groupon for yoga. Baby steps, folks, what it’s all about.