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south street linen


south street linen

Today, I am fantasizing about a life working in a big open studio with beautiful lighting, wearing these linen beauties from south street linen and making something with my hands. How dreamy is that scenario? Seeing as I don’t currently have a job requiring a big open studio with beautiful lighting, I’ll settle for the clothes.

carl bengtsson


via here

Every so often, I covet other careers, I think to myself, “If I could do it over again..” or “In my next life I will be…” These careers have included illustrator, textile designer and the new one is photo stylist. Can you imagine how fun and rewarding a career in photo styling would be? Til that next life that I’m counting on, I will live vicariously through photos like these.

Happy Monday!



images via pip-squeakchapeau

I have this idea of what I wish I would dress like on a daily basis, in my head the words easy, breezy, neutral and calm all come to mind so basically, every single item from pip-squeakchapeau.

cravings // 12


hat / sweater / boots / necklace / pants

I haven’t featured a cravings post in a while but now that the holidays are over, I can be as selfish as I want, guilt-free.

milena silvano


images via milena silvano shop

On my quest to find and look at pretty things, I came upon Milena Silvano and some of the prettiest shawls and vests you ever did see. I was however fixated upon these two images above. I absolutely adore everything about these pictures, every last detail. Really, really envious of the beautiful curls on that model. Any other straight-haired gals with me?

willow knows


I’m on the hunt for beautiful scarves for my head because I’ve finally made up my mind about something, I’ve decided to let my hair grow out. I’ve been rocking the pixie cut for a long time now and I’ve loved every minute of it, but I feel like I need a change. But, as many of you know, the growing out process is a painful, awkward time and I need all the help I can get. I’m thinking these pretty scarves by willow knows may just have to make their way to my head…


willow knows

Do you guys have any suggestions for a gal going through the awkward growing out phase? I’m currently in the helmet head stage.




Oh you know, just a few pretty little items from Swanfield, the Traveling Boutique. How fun is that concept, a traveling boutique!

weft & warp


weft & warp

After taking my first weaving class, I googled weft and warp (naturally) and stumbled upon the cutest shop that carries these lovely  scarves. Charlotte Graves, the founder of Weft & Warp left her graphic design job to create and sell her pretty creations, and boy, her background sure is evident in that kick-ass site, I am loving all the bold and bright graphics.

the velvet bird

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Oh dresses, I can never get enough of them. Even as winter approaches, I am still on the hunt for some pretties I can layer with tights and cardigans and these lovelies by The Velvet Bird fit the bill perfectly. Plus, how cute is the designer behind these dresses? I feel a girl crush coming on..

photo by lisa warninger

cravings // 11

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

It’s a little bit scary how easily I can put together these cravings posts, I have waaaay too much on my I wish list. Instead of buying any of these lovelies, this weekend I get to go to Target and buy an ironing board. You heard me, an ironing board. Yep, I am officially old and boring. Happy Friday! xo