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cupcake decorating


This past Wednesday, Dabble held a special event featuring two awesome classes back to back, the first being cupcake decorating. I gotta admit, I was really terrible at the decorating part, a girl mentioned her fondant rose looking more like a succulent than a rose, well, mine didn’t even resemble a plant of any sort. Ha! Nevertheless, the class was super-duper fun and the cupcakes, which our teacher Meg lovingly made, were pretty damn delicious.


I have so much respect for all you bakers and pastry gurus, Cake Boss makes it look so easy (ok, not really), but boy, decorating those yummy treats is not easy. I’m glad that I make up for my lack of cupcake artistry by being a champ at eating ’em. Yep, I’m pretty tough to beat in that department.


Oh and by the way, this class was held at Dabble’s new headquarters, a lovely office space in Enerspace Chicago, just look at all that lovely light and ample space! Congrats Dabble peeps, you guys rule! xo

kinfolk by birchhouse


images by birchhouse

Back in November, I mentioned attending the Kinfolk satellite dinner in Chicago with Anni and am so pleased that the talented photographers behind birchhouse have posted the lovely pictures they took of that night as they captured the magic pretty damn well.

Birchhouse, I love, love, love your work, I’m excited that you have a Chicago connection! Also, someone please, hurry up and host another Kinfolk satellite dinner because I’m itching for another night of good eatin’ drinkin’ and hanging with awesome people, especially my girl, Anni.


kinfolk-dinnerLast night, Anni and I had the chance to attend a Kinfolk Satellite Dinner at Floriole Cafe and it was such a lovely evening. Good food, good people and a great bottle of red wine that Anni and I had no problem polishing off. Oh and those cute moss planter place card holders (say that 10 times), were created by one of my favorites, Caitlin from Foxglove Studio.

Have a great weekend!

in the kitchen

Lunchtime goodies, noodles + peas + barbeque pork pieces and for good measure, a coconut.

what katie ate

all images by katie quinn davies

While on the search for inspiration for my next collaboration with Anni, I came across the food photography blog of Katie Quinn Davies and I am both inspired and super hungry.


co-op hot sauce

One of my bar regulars gave me a couple of bottles of co-op hot sauce for christmas and although I was thrilled by the minimalistic label design, it was the taste that sealed the deal for me. Check out the site and shop!

what’s cookin’ – a guest feature


Remember my what’s cookin’ feature? Well, it’s back! Today, I’ve got a super simple and super delicious hot cocoa recipe by Diana of our city lights. If you’ll notice she even included a healthier alternative as well and it’s just as yummy. This recipe will go hand in hand with this post of mine. Thanks Diana! I can’t wait to try this!

By the way, Diana just launched a very new project that is right up my alley, it’s called gadchick and it’s a gadget/techie site geared towards women. I’m so excited for her and am already drooling all over the gadchick blog.  Diana, I hope you’re ready for my million attempts at submitting articles for your site! Tee hee.

what’s cookin’ – a guest feature

   {food images by Dana Grace, top image of Dana Grace by Angela+Ithyle}

Welcome to the first edition of what’s cookin’, a guest feature that will showcase delicious, fast and easy meals shared by fabulous fellow bloggers. I am proud to welcome our first guest chef, Dana Grace of The Dream Bed. Dana and I are both Blogshop alumni and I knew the minute I first saw her with her cute glasses and sweet and sassy self that she was definitely a girl after my own heart. Here is her recipe for homemade chicken nuggets that I cannot wait to try!

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

(seriously the simplest most delicious recipe I own)

Chicken breast

Stovetop stuffing: chicken flavored



Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk. I usually start with three and use more if necessary.

Grind stuffing into a semi-powder. Leave some chunks for extra crunch.

Cube chicken.

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.


Dip a piece of chicken into the eggs. Then dip that in the stuffing powder. Then place on a nonstick baking pan.

Repeat for each piece of chicken.

As you are dipping (and not dripping) you may notice you have a lot of stuffing left over. This is a great thing! Crack some eggs and double coat those nuggets. If you notice you are running out of the stuffing, try to moderate the coatings until each piece is covered.

Pop those babies in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. At the halfway mark, flip them over so that they are evenly cooked.

Accompanied best by: mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, and cinnamon apple slices. As for condiments, ketchup, honey mustard and barbeque sauce are party favorites.

Dana’s favorite personal memory about the recipe:

This past summer my guy, Ethan, cooked for me a lot. I’d go over after a long night at work and he’d have meals prepared in case I was hungry (so wonderful). After months of royal treatment, I decided to treat him with dinner for a change—only problem was, I’m not best friends with the kitchen. I definitely wanted to make something I wouldn’t have to stress over.

After turning on some Beatles, I served my fun but hearty meal of chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. Ethan was very impressed and he’s even mentioned a few times how he would enjoy if I made those nuggets again.

Thanks so much Dana Grace for sharing this recipe with us! You are wonderful! xoxo


I am a very lucky girl. Yesterday I had the chance to visit Mitsuwa, a Japanese superstore with the most amazing things. For the very first time, I had a taste of real Ramen and boy, am I hooked. In fact, I had a whole delicious feast thanks to my dear friends who guided me through all the amazing choices. They were also very patient with me as I was like a kid in a candy store with my iPhone camera in tow. Everything about Japanese culture intrigues me, even their rice comes in the cutest packaging. Someday, I will visit Japan and immerse myself in the culture firsthand. Til then, Mitsuwa will work just fine.

what’s cookin’

{top image via Pugly Pixel, bottom picture has been in my inspiration folder for ages but unfortunately not sure of the source}

I have a love/hate relationship with cooking/baking. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m a terrible cook, I’ve never been good at it and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll probably never will be. However I do love food and I do have a great kitchen now that is perfect for cooking/baking so whether I’m any good, I will certainly be turning on my stove and oven more often.

Here’s my question, do you have any good recipes that you’re dying to share? I’d like to eventually share some recipes on here. Especially easy ones that require few ingredients and few steps. :)