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over the moon

over-the-moonYesterday, Anni and I moseyed over to an open house hosted by Lillstreet Loft. If you’re in Chicago, you have undoubtedly heard of Lillstreet Art Center, a place where all your aspiring maker dreams can come true. I have taken at least 10 classes there, sewing, pottery and acrylic painting to name a few. The Loft is an extension of Lillstreet where events of all kinds take place and the one we attended was complete with cheese and crackers, mimosas and as evidenced above, some sweet, sweet Henna action. If you are ever in need of a cute space, make sure to check out Lillstreet Loft, you won’t be sorry!



I hit a bit of a road block as far as work this weekend, I attended a work-related seminar on Saturday which took up most of the day, Sunday was spent getting trying to catch up on things I missed Saturday and fighting a pesky cold. So, I decided to walk away from work and practice what I learned at my Dabble calligraphy class. I did some cheating though and used some charcoal instead of a calligraphy pen.

That is how productive I was this weekend, how about you?

brewery tour


On Saturday, my friend took me on an unofficial tour of his roommate’s brewery and although a short visit, it was such a treat! I really wish I had something other than my iPhone but I guess I’ll have to wait til next time.

Speaking of beer, I hope you are all recovering nicely from what I’m sure was a fun weekend. Happy Monday!



Last night I had the chance to attend a calligraphy class hosted by Dabble and held at this charming little coffee spot. Our teacher Meg, who is sweet as pie, gave us some guidance and tips and then let us loose with our pens and paper in tow, as you can see from the photos above, we took our lettering very seriously.

Taking this class made me realize how much I miss using pen and paper, as a kid, I used to love buying loads of cute stationery and writing notes to all my friends. So, I’m adding something to my 2013 goals, practice more handwriting, even if that means using my new calligraphy skills on a simple grocery list.

flying houses


flying houses series by Laurent Chehere

I am well aware that these images are all over the internet but I don’t care, my jaw dropped as soon as I saw these and of course the heartwarming Disney movie did come to mind. I want to live in a flying house!

custom cutting board

This past weekend, I had the chance to attend the coolest Dabble class to date, I had a chance to make my very own cutting board! That’s right, I have added woodworking to my ever growing list of obsessions.

The class was held at ReBuilding Exchange, a rad studio with a very open floor plan. I must say, at first, the thought of handling a chop saw was terrifying, I will admit to a fleeting moment of panic, but the moment I used it, I felt this powerful feeling rush through me that was pretty exhilarating.

If you’ve ever contemplated taking a woodworking class, take it from me, it’s such a rewarding experience.

beach day

If you live in a city that has: 1. a beach and 2. fall, then may I recommend spending a fall day at the beach. Is it cold and a bit windy? Sure, but you avoid large crowds and you have a better chance of exploring and uncovering sweet little spots that are ripe for adventures involving say, a blogger and her favorite photographer friend. Stay tuned, my friends and I will bring you the skinny on those adventures.

Happy Friday! xo

block printing

Have you guys heard of Dabble? They put together super affordable classes that are 3 hours long at most and are hosted by different people/businesses all over town. It’s a great way to try something new and see if you like it, also a way to discover new places in your city and meet cool, like-minded people.

Anyone who knows me would guess that this is right up my alley seeing as I’m a professional dabbler, you name it and I’ve probably taken a class on it.

I took my first Dabble class this week, a block printing class hosted by One Strange Bird, the cutest little shop full of so many awesome handmade goods. Our teacher Nicole, was the perfect hostess and we all had a blast picking a design, carving our block and then printing on fabric. I’m pretty pleased with my design and think I may make a pillow or something with it, what do you guys think?

fancy french cologne

fancy french cologne shop

I stumbled upon Fancy French Cologne and immediately spotted some sweet items, I mean c’mon, that Lady Mary scarf is simply to die for! Lucky you, I also have a 25% off coupon if you’re interested in getting you some goodies from FFC. Just click here and get a code for some sweet savings. Happy Friday lovelies!

pretty girl, pretty colors

photo via

Oh, you know, a pretty picture just because. Also, when I see this image, it reminds me of having long hair and trying the whole bun with chopsticks look, I could never quite pull it off but it was fun to try.