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pretty walls

top / center / bottom photo by me

I’ve been slowly collecting pictures and postcards to start an inspirational wall in my office and I’ve gotta say, putting it together is a lot harder than it looks. I keep putting things up and taking them down, rearranging, changing my mind. Phew, let’s just say inspiration can’t be forced.



Although I’ve been ignoring the rest of my house, one place I haven’t ignored is my office. I am completely addicted to office supplies. I own more post-it notes than I can count and don’t get me started on planners and calendars. So, mmmg is right up my alley, such cute, cute things!


The husband and I took a walk to our nearest Starbucks today and came across some sweet color action. These were taken with my iPhone and they turned out ok but I think I’m gonna bring my actual camera next time and take some more pictures. I am just obsessed with these bright hues!

nourishing notes

nourishing notes / shop

I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with cooking before and when I found these charming and cheeky items by nourishing notes, well, let’s just say that I think I’ve found some inspiration to get back in the kitchen…

inspired diy // spray painted antlers

I know the antler diy is pretty ubiquitous these days but I couldn’t help but put my own spin on it. Hobby Lobby faux antlers, check. Spray paint, check. Paint tape, check. Aaaaaaand…..that’s all you need. Nothing revolutionary but if like me, you have an odd obsession with spray painting things, then this project is just for you.

iswas + willbe

website / shop / blog

First of all, this shop gets mad props for its awesome name second in coolness (yep, I said coolness) only to that awesome jewelry. Looking for a pop of color in your wardrobe? Here ya go, you’re welcome.

alphabet bags


Like many things in life, one can never have too many tote bags especially when they are as adorable as the ones made by alphabet bags. As for those cute kitties, one can only hope they come with your purchase.

wit and whistle

wit and whistle

I am swooning over these charming greeting cards by wit and whistle! James Cameron wishes he could make a 3D card this cool.


Tonight, I am attending a friend’s wedding. So many wonderful people will be there and I plan on eating, drinking, mingling and maybe some dancing. I cannot wait! Have a great weekend! xo


co-op hot sauce

One of my bar regulars gave me a couple of bottles of co-op hot sauce for christmas and although I was thrilled by the minimalistic label design, it was the taste that sealed the deal for me. Check out the site and shop!