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dear santa

tea towel // bag // boots // top // gloves

Dear Santa, in case you were looking for some last-minute ideas……here’s a little cheat sheet. Love, Dennise xo

constellations calendar


I know this beauty has been making the blog rounds and with good reason, but this calendar is pure perfection and I want.

nyc trip

Just a few instagram shots of my whirlwind trip to NYC this past week. It was hard to squeeze so many things I wanted to do in two days and I definitely wish I could’ve had more time to spend with my sister but I had a great, great time.

potato heart

During our Thanksgiving preparations, we found a potato shaped like a heart and took the opportunity to have an I (potato) heart you photo session.

the adventures of thanksgiving duck

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate your little hearts out. I know I did. Treadmill, here I come!


all items from fluffyco

I went to one of my favorite local shops the other day and fell head over heels for that two-sided heart tote. I convinced myself that I needed a cute way to transport my laptop to and fro, so I bought it. I noticed the tag said fluffyco so I went home and looked it up and lo and behold, look at all the cuteness! They are chock full of great items, a good source of Christmas presents, me thinks. Check out their website.

rebecca minkoff for ebay


Looking to cover or transport your iPhone or iPad in style? Well, check out these awesome Rebecca Minkoff for Ebay accessories. I really dig that iPad envelope.

peeks of a halloween party


Here are some instagram pictures to show you some peeks of the wonderfully spooky Halloween decorations we had up last weekend for our Halloween party.  Doesn’t the guy who is passed out drunk look real?

The little baggies with the pumpkins on ’em are from a great Martha diy. Obviously, mine didn’t turn out as good as hers but I’m still pretty damn proud of them.

This next weekend, we plan on attending a Halloween party and be glad to sit back, relax and have a great time since we don’t have to worry about being hosts. What are your plans for this Halloween weekend?

murder mystery

Yesterday, the mister and I went to the local YMCA’s very first murder mystery party. It was a great time and as you can see from the picture above, I was one of the super sleuths who discovered who the murderer was. Huzzah! All those Encyclopedia Brown books I devoured as a kid are finally coming in handy. :)

Rainy Day

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

This mood board is inspired by a much needed break indoors watching the rain from my living room window. I really, really want that shirt.