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by fryd

byfrydimages by Jeanette Lunde of By Fryd

I’m obsessed with these simple but stunning displays, I am especially taken by the different ways to use wire hangers. I actually detest wire hangers–for my clothes that is, but of course, I have a plethora of wire hangers just hanging around. Also, how random and awesome is that mirror hanging with the posters/pictures?

forget me not

forget-me-notall images by forget me not

I am a sucker for scarves, I have sooo many scarves in my wishlist right now it’s crazy. But, as with many things, my lack of funds means most will remain in my wishlist for a looong time. So, I do the next best thing, I share them with you. Forget Me Not creates such beautiful scarves, I can barely handle it. Also, beach towels and cushions! That owl pattern is on a scarf AND a cushion. I’m in LOVE!

ben medansky ceramics


ben medansky ceramics

Guess who’s got a new obsession? Yep, this gal! The other day I spent an obscene amount of time looking up unique ceramics, when I came across Ben Medansky’s work. I was especially drawn to the quirky styling of these products, I think that is what I love most.

Excuse me while I do a quick google search for ceramics classes in Chicago…

Happy Friday!

geometric at home


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This past weekend, I received an e-mail from roche bobois letting me know that sweet reader Monica had suggested this coffee table might be right up my alley, and Monica, you are absolutely right!

I thought it’d be fun to round up a couple more geometric items for the home, I’m thinking that planter must be mine and soon. Also, I’ve never really perused Land of Nod before but there are some cute things there that even the childless can enjoy. Good to know.

Thanks Monica for thinking of me, someday, that coffee table will be mine! xo

plant lady, here


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Here’s one from the “duh, everyone knew that, what took you so long to figure it out?” department, but hey plants sure do transform a home, don’t they? My husband and I went nuts the other day and brought home some plants. I cannot believe how nice it is to be surrounded by these green beauties, our living room smells great and I have someone to talk to when I’ve been staring at this screen nonstop and gone a bit loopy.

Of course, when you purchase plants, they come in ugly, generic pots so I’ve been on the hunt for pretty planters. Naturally, my first stop was Etsy and I found myself bookmarking a ton of real cute finds. Do you guys have any shops you’d like to recommend, I’m actually pretty excited about filling my home with unique, handmade planters.



all images via ambatalia shop / blog

From Ambatalia’s blog: We specialize in useful textiles for food, shopping, the kitchen, table, garden and work.

Um, yes please. I’ll take one of eachl!



via here

Add this to my list of projects I’d love to take on some day: amazing, gigantic knit rugs. Way to get ahead of yourself, Dennise… says everyone, all the time.



via At Swim-Two-Birds on Flickr

2012 was the year of the knit and in 2013 I hope to continue my unofficial textiles studies starting with drooling over these furry beauties. How much do you wanna bury your face or bare feet in these?

tick tock


via here photos by Gordon Burniston

Raise your hand if you procrastinated and are doing some last-minute shopping today of all days? *Sheepishly raises both hands* Yep, I’m one of those facing the crazy crowds today, wish me luck.

On a brighter note, how cute are those clocks and that space! I’d like to imagine that if I had those clocks I’d never be late and I’d never procrastinate, but let’s face it, beautiful clocks may only distract me further.

If you celebrate, happy holidays friends, if not, hooray for the day(s) off! xo

ben fiess at iko iko


ben fiess ceramics via iko iko shop

While we are on the subject, Santa, if you do in fact read my blog, I wouldn’t mind these babies under my tree as well. Got it? Good.