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I think I’m a little late at posting about this clothing rack as it was apparently all the rage awhile back but I can’t resist posting about it as it represents exactly what I’ve been looking for. Yep, still on the hunt for a clothing rack, my husband started building me one but, work has just gotten in the way and the poor dear has barely had time to lay eyes on his garage.


A clothing rack like this would suit my needs perfectly, simple, unobtrusive and just the perfect size. Sigh. Santa, if you’re listening, if I found this under my tree on Tuesday, I’d be one happy, happy gal.


clothing rack by ana kras, website



Yesterday was a day full of errands and appointments so it was nice to come home and finally put up our tree. For the second year in a row, we opted for a real tree and boy, our living room smells glorious!

Happy Monday!

wall space

papier tigre

Solution for a cluttered desk? Take it to the walls with these papier tigre products. I’m all about utilizing that wall space.

mr kitly

                                                                   mr kitly shop

I love a shop that has a little bit of everything, especially when the items are as unique as the ones over at mr kitly.


                                                                    mercado kneeland co

I’m running out of ways of saying that I crave/want/lust after items. I see things and I will them to be mine, no other way around it. So yeah, I am currently willing these babies into my kitchen and dining room.

tori murphy

tori murphy

Digging these throws and pillows from one of Tori Murphy’s collections, I love the look of a house full of different throws. What do you think, should the next class I take be a weaving class? I think so….

inspiring spaces // l’atelier 1/3


Pretty much enthralled with every detail from this workspace. Really loving the various scatter of polka-dots throughout the room, I don’t think I can ever tire of the magic of the polka-dot.

cravings // 11

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

It’s a little bit scary how easily I can put together these cravings posts, I have waaaay too much on my I wish list. Instead of buying any of these lovelies, this weekend I get to go to Target and buy an ironing board. You heard me, an ironing board. Yep, I am officially old and boring. Happy Friday! xo



Found these super cute items on luckyboysunday and am thinking that my house (and hands) most definitely need them. Pretty much everything in that store is drool-worthy, I’d even take everything in the child section, for me, of course.



If blogs had their own furniture, I think I just found this blog’s statement piece. Honestly, have you ever seen such a beaut?! I think my blog is in love.