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via At Swim-Two-Birds on Flickr

2012 was the year of the knit and in 2013 I hope to continue my unofficial textiles studies starting with drooling over these furry beauties. How much do you wanna bury your face or bare feet in these?

tick tock


via here photos by Gordon Burniston

Raise your hand if you procrastinated and are doing some last-minute shopping today of all days? *Sheepishly raises both hands* Yep, I’m one of those facing the crazy crowds today, wish me luck.

On a brighter note, how cute are those clocks and that space! I’d like to imagine that if I had those clocks I’d never be late and I’d never procrastinate, but let’s face it, beautiful clocks may only distract me further.

If you celebrate, happy holidays friends, if not, hooray for the day(s) off! xo

ben fiess at iko iko


ben fiess ceramics via iko iko shop

While we are on the subject, Santa, if you do in fact read my blog, I wouldn’t mind these babies under my tree as well. Got it? Good.



I think I’m a little late at posting about this clothing rack as it was apparently all the rage awhile back but I can’t resist posting about it as it represents exactly what I’ve been looking for. Yep, still on the hunt for a clothing rack, my husband started building me one but, work has just gotten in the way and the poor dear has barely had time to lay eyes on his garage.


A clothing rack like this would suit my needs perfectly, simple, unobtrusive and just the perfect size. Sigh. Santa, if you’re listening, if I found this under my tree on Tuesday, I’d be one happy, happy gal.


clothing rack by ana kras, website



Yesterday was a day full of errands and appointments so it was nice to come home and finally put up our tree. For the second year in a row, we opted for a real tree and boy, our living room smells glorious!

Happy Monday!

wall space

papier tigre

Solution for a cluttered desk? Take it to the walls with these papier tigre products. I’m all about utilizing that wall space.

mr kitly

                                                                   mr kitly shop

I love a shop that has a little bit of everything, especially when the items are as unique as the ones over at mr kitly.