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south street linen


south street linen

Today, I am fantasizing about a life working in a big open studio with beautiful lighting, wearing these linen beauties from south street linen and making something with my hands. How dreamy is that scenario? Seeing as I don’t currently have a job requiring a big open studio with beautiful lighting, I’ll settle for the clothes.



all images via ambatalia shop / blog

From Ambatalia’s blog: We specialize in useful textiles for food, shopping, the kitchen, table, garden and work.

Um, yes please. I’ll take one of eachl!

carl bengtsson


via here

Every so often, I covet other careers, I think to myself, “If I could do it over again..” or “In my next life I will be…” These careers have included illustrator, textile designer and the new one is photo stylist. Can you imagine how fun and rewarding a career in photo styling would be? Til that next life that I’m counting on, I will live vicariously through photos like these.

Happy Monday!



via here

Add this to my list of projects I’d love to take on some day: amazing, gigantic knit rugs. Way to get ahead of yourself, Dennise… says everyone, all the time.

emily tu


designs by emily tu

I am obsessed with this interface design created by Emily Tu for the Robert Burns Museum in Scotland. I am really taken by those illustrations, so freakin’ cute!

adieu – potato printing


images via adieu

Nothing like seeing pictures of gorgeous prints made by potatoes (yes, potatoes!) to make me feel like I’m not using my free time wisely. This is the kind of stuff I’d love to be working on when I’m not in front of a screen.



images via pip-squeakchapeau

I have this idea of what I wish I would dress like on a daily basis, in my head the words easy, breezy, neutral and calm all come to mind so basically, every single item from pip-squeakchapeau.

peachy keen


images via fleurlux shop

These pretty garlands and florals from the lovely fleurlux are the sort of decor I’d love to have all over my house if I could. How pretty would one of these be above your bed or your dresser.

flying houses


flying houses series by Laurent Chehere

I am well aware that these images are all over the internet but I don’t care, my jaw dropped as soon as I saw these and of course the heartwarming Disney movie did come to mind. I want to live in a flying house!

vintage knitting


all images via here

The other night I fell into the rabbit hole that is this site. Sure, it’s not the prettiest site and it is riddled with annoying ads but once you get past that, it is so worth it as there are some true gems in there. This is a must for all knitters, even if like me, you realize that you are nowhere near the expertise level to tackle most of these. How awesome would it be to knit one of those amazing dresses?