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giant knitting needles


buy them here

I almost titled this post big ass knitting needles but decided not to, then I decided to stay true to myself and mention it in the body of the post instead.

Seriously though, I really want me a pair of humongous needles so I can make some awesome big rugs and finally have a reason to use super bulky yarn like this:


buy yarn here

Also, if I could steal that outfit from the cutie above, that would be great as well.

Happy Friday, friends.

yarn lady, here


As promised, I am sharing with you the awesome photos I walked away with after the Dabble product photography class, aren’t they great?! We were told in advance to bring a few items to photograph and knew I just had to bring my newly-finished speckled hat. If you haven’t seen it yet, Hannah, the lovely lady behind Hetterson designed this gorgeous hat pattern for Frolic, and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had knitting. My husband says it’s his favorite thing I’ve knit and I’d have to agree with him. Thanks so much for sharing this gem Chelsea and Hannah!

I also brought my WIP to photograph, this is the start of my first set of mittens, wish me luck!


I gotta say, it’s gonna be hard to photograph my knitting projects at home now, I may have to enlist Erika and her studio’s help for all my knits, uh oh, this hobby of mine just became really expensive.



via here

Add this to my list of projects I’d love to take on some day: amazing, gigantic knit rugs. Way to get ahead of yourself, Dennise… says everyone, all the time.

fair isle work in progress


I’m really excited to show you the progress of my very first fair isle knitting project. It’s pretty exhilarating to see the colors and pattern come together. I apologize for the crappy pictures, I had to use my phone to take these as my “real” camera is currently keeping a friend of mine company on his trip to South America. I do kinda dig the messiness of these images though, as that is how this project feels, a bit messy with yarn all over the place.

vintage knitting


all images via here

The other night I fell into the rabbit hole that is this site. Sure, it’s not the prettiest site and it is riddled with annoying ads but once you get past that, it is so worth it as there are some true gems in there. This is a must for all knitters, even if like me, you realize that you are nowhere near the expertise level to tackle most of these. How awesome would it be to knit one of those amazing dresses?

seed cowl


Finished this ridiculously easy cowl a few days back and just got around to snapping a few pictures. I’ll admit, when I first purchased this yarn, I thought it’d be predominantly black, as the knitting progressed I realized the green was definitely the most prominent color. Not what I expected but I still love it.

Gathering inspiration for my next project — gloves, most likely fingerless gloves. Slowly but surely I’m working towards someday knitting a sweater but one thing at a time.

new yarn

new yarn from here

work in progress, pattern here

Knitting has consumed my life, I have every intention of knitting gifts for friends and family but I keep finding patterns for items I want for myself. I am quite the greedy knitter, I have to admit.

I am fighting a pesky flu bug today so I’m trying to take it easy while getting some work done. I think some knitting, and some tea are most definitely in my near future.

karen barbe

                                                                   karen barbe shop

Looking at these beautiful handmade products in Karen Barbe’s shop makes me think two things, one is, I need to learn how to weave and two, I need to get my hands on some yellow nail polish right away.

yarn on the brain

wool and the gang

I guess the unofficial theme of the day is knitting. I couldn’t resist posting these pictures from the wool and the gang tumblr, talk about some knitting goodness, they are chock full of yarn creation inspiration. That cobalt blue cowl must be mine!

knitting in the round

As I’ve alluded to the last couple of weeks, I’ve been glued to my computer working hard on some freelance work. Times like these, I get fed up of staring at screens, so I usually reach for something to distract me for awhile so I can have fresh eyes once again. In my line of work, it’s important to walk away from the computer otherwise the pixels all start meshing together and that is just bad news bears.

Recently, what I’ve been reaching for to distract me has been my knitting bag and it’s so freaking therapeutic, you wouldn’t believe. I had the chance to take another awesome Dabble course last week and able to advance my knitting skills. If you found yourself in dire need of a hat, I could actually make you one. Hey, family and friends, guess what y’all are getting for Christmas? Yup.