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instax / 2


A few instax pictures of my recent trip to Kauai, nothing screams tourist like a gal with a dslr camera, an instax camera and her camera phone, trying to use them all simultaneously, naturally.

kauai, hawaii


I just got back from the most amazing vacation in Hawaii, and friends, I cannot express enough how amazing that place is. I fell head over heels in love with Kauai, the mountains, the beaches, the locals, the food, everything was simply incredible and I cannot wait to go back. I’m gonna warn you, this place might start getting inundated with pictures from my trip, I apologize in advance, but as my husband and I kept saying, it is impossible to take a bad picture there.

work it, girl

fitnesstop two images by Refinery29 / workout gear: 1 | 2 | 3

I’ve mentioned my struggles with turning 30 and the slump that followed, but I haven’t really discussed some of the things I did to try to overcome that slump. Top of that list and something I should’ve started years ago, was committing to a steady fitness routine. I joined two different fitness programs and even sneak in some personal training sessions and let me tell you, it has done wonders for me, not even really physically (although, I have to say my arms are starting to look kinda good), but mentally. After a grueling hour of exercise, I honestly feel like I can take on the world and well, I love that feeling.

That being said, I am obsessed with Refinery29’s fitness section, the articles are useful, but most importantly, the photos accompanying these articles make me wanna run out and buy new workout gear every time. So, I came up with a small round up of items I wanna add to my workout arsenal inspired by some R29 posts. I don’t really know if those high tops are necessarily practical workout shoes but I really don’t care because…FLORAL!

on turning 30

turning-30I know I have been gone a while–a very long while. I wish I had a good reason for staying away from this space, but the best I can do is to admit that I needed the time away as I was going through a “thing”. I know I’m being vague but that’s only because even I can’t even begin to explain to you-let alone myself-what it was that was wrong with me, except I felt down all the time and for no good reason whatsoever. I’ve attributed part of this strange slump to turning 30, right before my birthday I started panicking and by panicking I mean, getting really drunk with a friend one night and crying into my beer about how terrified I was about my upcoming birthday and how I hated the thought of leaving my 20s behind. How pathetic is that? I was THAT PATRON, crying IN. A. BAR. Not my best moment. Luckily after that, I started getting my act together and realizing that I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, pick myself back up and look at the wonderful life I had and start appreciating what I had and what I had accomplished. Essentially, I needed to grow up.

So, I humbly come back to this place with a new perspective and hopefully some maturity. Oh, and guess what? I turned 30 and it wasn’t even half as scary as I expected, in fact, I think I’m gonna really enjoy my 30s.

new orleans


Last week, I took a much too short trip to New Orleans to meet up with two of my favorite ladies in the world. Long story short, we met in college when the three of us were part of a collegiate club, went to New Orleans back then to participate in a conference and had such a great time that we swore we’d return someday and after some drunken text messages one night, the plan was set in motion, we were going back.

A couple of days of poolside naps, good food, yummy drinks and sharing hilarious stories went by way too fast but it was exactly what I needed. I cannot wait to go back and to hang with my gals again sometime in the near future.

instax / 1


I finally got my hands on an Instax camera and was super excited to take it with me on a walk to the train because I’ve been dying to take some pictures of this lovely garden, a mere block from my house.

steven alan spectacles


glasses by Steven Alan

I think we can all agree that Mondays can be rough, right? Yesterday, I woke up early to be productive but due to bad weather and a poor transportation decision actually ended up being late to work, couple that with some godaddy server issues, and a killer migraine, this particular Monday was shaping up to be pretty shitty. That is, until I opened an e-mail stating that one of my favorite brands, Steven Alan, now carries eyewear, yipee! I know it’s silly, but I am in the market for some new spectacles and am so pleased that I’ve got even more options, good options to boot.

Sometimes all it takes for a crappy day to get better is the possibility of a future shopping opportunity.