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Mapoesie’s SS13 collection has got me all giddy inside! Laying in the grass with my head on one of those scarves, sign me up!

the perfect tunic(s)


images via mill mercantile

I’m probably late to realize this but, I’m pretty convinced that Mill Mercantile has the prettiest tunics around, I could live in these, every single day. Right now this tunic from Anthro has been in pretty frequent rotation but I could make room in my closet for the ones above. What is your go-to piece as of late?

geometric at home


top / middle / bottom

This past weekend, I received an e-mail from roche bobois letting me know that sweet reader Monica had suggested this coffee table might be right up my alley, and Monica, you are absolutely right!

I thought it’d be fun to round up a couple more geometric items for the home, I’m thinking that planter must be mine and soon. Also, I’ve never really perused Land of Nod before but there are some cute things there that even the childless can enjoy. Good to know.

Thanks Monica for thinking of me, someday, that coffee table will be mine! xo

benta studio


benta studio

Ah, scarves, who doesn’t love scarves? What a great way to spice up an outfit and hide a less-than-stellar hair day. Also, as Benta studio proves, scarves make for real fun photo props in an adorable lookbook. I’m kinda bummed this website isn’t in English so I can figure out how to get my hands on one of these beauties.

steven alan spectacles


glasses by Steven Alan

I think we can all agree that Mondays can be rough, right? Yesterday, I woke up early to be productive but due to bad weather and a poor transportation decision actually ended up being late to work, couple that with some godaddy server issues, and a killer migraine, this particular Monday was shaping up to be pretty shitty. That is, until I opened an e-mail stating that one of my favorite brands, Steven Alan, now carries eyewear, yipee! I know it’s silly, but I am in the market for some new spectacles and am so pleased that I’ve got even more options, good options to boot.

Sometimes all it takes for a crappy day to get better is the possibility of a future shopping opportunity.

south street linen


south street linen

Today, I am fantasizing about a life working in a big open studio with beautiful lighting, wearing these linen beauties from south street linen and making something with my hands. How dreamy is that scenario? Seeing as I don’t currently have a job requiring a big open studio with beautiful lighting, I’ll settle for the clothes.



all images via ambatalia shop / blog

From Ambatalia’s blog: We specialize in useful textiles for food, shopping, the kitchen, table, garden and work.

Um, yes please. I’ll take one of eachl!



via here

Add this to my list of projects I’d love to take on some day: amazing, gigantic knit rugs. Way to get ahead of yourself, Dennise… says everyone, all the time.



images via pip-squeakchapeau

I have this idea of what I wish I would dress like on a daily basis, in my head the words easy, breezy, neutral and calm all come to mind so basically, every single item from pip-squeakchapeau.

peachy keen


images via fleurlux shop

These pretty garlands and florals from the lovely fleurlux are the sort of decor I’d love to have all over my house if I could. How pretty would one of these be above your bed or your dresser.