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new orleans


Last week, I took a much too short trip to New Orleans to meet up with two of my favorite ladies in the world. Long story short, we met in college when the three of us were part of a collegiate club, went to New Orleans back then to participate in a conference and had such a great time that we swore we’d return someday and after some drunken text messages one night, the plan was set in motion, we were going back.

A couple of days of poolside naps, good food, yummy drinks and sharing hilarious stories went by way too fast but it was exactly what I needed. I cannot wait to go back and to hang with my gals again sometime in the near future.

let’s go somewhere

photos by paul h. hamann

If you saw my guest post on Lo’s blog last week, you know I have a serious case of wanderlust. I keep being drawn to travel photography so it’s making my condition worse. Although my aspirations are of a land far away, I just found out my childhood friend is in Minneapolis for the summer so I think I may be planning a short trip up there to start.