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whitney deal

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Whitney Deal, you make me wanna elope all over again so I can don one of your lovely pieces.

out and about

photos by rob karlic

A few images from a dear friend’s wedding. (I totally stole these) Don’t you just love getting all dolled up and dancing the night away with your best buds? Have a great weekend!

organza flower

I still remember the moment I found out about, I told myself, someday when I get married I’m gonna wear one of their pieces. Guess what? I wore when we eloped! The sweet ladies from posted a few pictures from our elopement today, check it out. Thanks for being a huge part in making me feel so purty on that one December day.

wedding announcements

I am putting together some wedding announcements to send to my peeps since, as they put it, we ran off and got hitched. We got our cards printed by pinhole press and let me tell ya, they do some good work, I am so pleased! I can’t wait to order from them again in the future. The fetching stamp you see here is from the lovely ladies at our paper shop. I can’t wait to send these pretties out in the mail!


Tonight, I am attending a friend’s wedding. So many wonderful people will be there and I plan on eating, drinking, mingling and maybe some dancing. I cannot wait! Have a great weekend! xo


Wanted to share some pictures of lovely decorations my dear friend is in the process of making for her wedding at the end of this month. She’s got quite the creative bone, that one. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pretties she’s sure to cook up.

our elopement // the pictures part two

photography by Alix Klingenberg

A few more elopement pictures to share. I can’t think of a better way to spend new year’s eve than looking through all these pictures and choosing which to mail to friends and family. I’m old and boring, I know, but I love it.

our elopement // the pictures

photography by Alix Klingenberg

I am so stoked to be able to share some pictures from our elopement. Alix did such a wonderful job, I can’t stop staring at these lovely images. Isn’t the Chicago Cultural Center simply beautiful? I am so in awe of that place.

P.S. The one drawback to eloping? No girlfriend or sister to tell me that I was wearing too much blush. Damn.

our elopement – the photographer

 alix klingenberg images

I cannot express how happy I am that we chose to share our elopement with the lovely Alix Klingenberg. She was so kind and helpful and when we chatted with her over beers after our wedding, we found that she’s our kind of people. You can see from her work that she really loves her job and I believe that she becomes a “part of the family” with every couple she shoots, she definitely did with us. We were making plans to meet up again as soon as we met! Thanks so much Alix, I can’t wait to see you again!

our elopement – the location

top // center // bottom

When I was looking into a good ol’ fashioned city hall wedding, I stumbled upon the fact that a couple Saturdays a month, the Chicago Cultural Center will hold civil weddings for a mere $10. Of course, they only take 9 couples so we jumped on making our reservation in advance. The cultural center is such a gorgeous place, we were so lucky that we had a chance to have our big day here. Plus the judge, clerk, everyone involved in the process were such lovely people.