Agjc jewelry

agjcimages via AgJc

Thanks to this etsy shop, I have fallen for oxidized silver jewelry, especially these minimal geometric beauties. Check out the rest of the shop items here.

Portraits in Venice, CA


Photos by Anni Compton with some assistance by yours truly :)

About a month ago, Anni had an engagement shoot in LA and she was sweet enough to invite me to tag along. I was only there for 2 and a half days but boy did the West Coast ensnare my heart, we stayed in an airbnb pad a block from Venice Beach and that was pretty much perfection. Also, while waiting to get a table at Gjelina I totally spotted Owen Wilson picking up some take-out and Anni may or may not be a little bitter that I didn’t get her attention when he walked right past us. (Sorry, lady!)

On our first full day there, Anni and I decided to explore the neighborhood and bring her camera with us to capture some portraits of each other and take full advantage of the beautiful California light. It was so fun to play quasi-photographer–Anni prepared the settings on the camera, I pretty much just pointed and shot–and finally get Anni in front of the camera for a change. Don’t we all agree that she should do that more often, she’s pretty damn photogenic!

pinata makin’


I have a thing for pinatas, I always have. A few years back, when my husband and I bought our house and we hosted a housewarming BBQ, he insisted we have burgers and hot dogs and I insisted we have a pinata. My friends didn’t really know what to make of this, but luckily we had some kids in attendance who really enjoyed taking care of that pinata.

Thanks to Dabble and the lovely and super talented ladies of Eriewood Collective, the next time I have a special occasion, I can make my very own pinata in whichever shape I choose! To say I’m stoked with my new found knowledge would be an understatement. Eriewood Collective, you have created a monster. Ha!


over the moon

over-the-moonYesterday, Anni and I moseyed over to an open house hosted by Lillstreet Loft. If you’re in Chicago, you have undoubtedly heard of Lillstreet Art Center, a place where all your aspiring maker dreams can come true. I have taken at least 10 classes there, sewing, pottery and acrylic painting to name a few. The Loft is an extension of Lillstreet where events of all kinds take place and the one we attended was complete with cheese and crackers, mimosas and as evidenced above, some sweet, sweet Henna action. If you are ever in need of a cute space, make sure to check out Lillstreet Loft, you won’t be sorry!

cravings // 13

cravings-131 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

It’s been quite some time since I put up a cravings post, but right now my wishlist is bursting at the seams, there seem to be so many cute things out right now. I’m slowly transitioning into my spring/summer wardrobe and I’m trying to stick to black and white/cream basics. I’m also trying to incorporate more heels into my rotation, nothing crazy, but being of a tiny stature, the slight boost in height gives me a bit of a confidence boost.

**Thanks again to those who took the time to vote for your favorite frames, I think I’ve made a decision, stay tuned! xo

choices / rowley eyewear

Dennise_Cynthia_Rowleyphotos by Anni Compton frames: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

In this second edition of which pair of frames should I get, I tried on my favorite Rowley Eyewear frames. After trying on the Steven Alan frames and seeing the pictures, I thought I was sold on which pair to get, but then these Rowley frames arrived in the mail and I am now more indecisive than ever!

So, once again, I need your help, which frames do you like best from this selection?

A huge thanks to my friend Anni for taking these lovely pictures and managing to make me look halfway decent despite my not feeling my absolute best, what can I say, girl’s got some serious talent.

choices / steven alan optical

Dennise_Steven_Alanphotos by Anni Compton frames: 1 | 2 | 3

A few weeks back, I accidentally stepped on my glasses, luckily my husband was able to super glue the broken pieces, however, these frames are about 4 years old so I’m in desperate need of a new pair. Which leads me to this…

Guys, I need your help! I am pretty overwhelmed with all the great frames out there, and though I’ve been able to narrow it down to frames from either Steven Alan Optical or Rowley Eyewear, I still need some feedback on which ones fit my face shape best.

Luckily, my best gal Anni was more than willing to help me out and snap a few pictures of my chosen frames. First up are my Steven Alan optical picks. Which pair do you guys like the most? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, let’s face it, I’ll probably have these new frames for the next 4 years.

By the way, yes, we are at the Steven Alan store in Wicker Park, they do offer a try on at home option for their frames, but after the brutal winter we had, Anni and I were looking for any excuse to leave the house, plus the employees were sweet enough to accommodate our quick, impromptu photo shoot.

Vote here for your favorite pair: