oh, those screens

screens by monica sanchez

This photo series by Monica Sanchez titled Screens made me chuckle because I can totally relate, as I’m sure you all can too. Ah, ya gotta love being a prisoner to those pesky screens, eh?

3 thoughts on “oh, those screens

  1. danamcdowell says:

    It’s really awful isn’t it?! Since I moved up here, I’ve been using my Nook for all my reading…I don’t feel AS bad since I got the one that doesn’t light up.

    • @danamcdowell, I was checking out the Nook the other day at Barnes & Noble, how do you like yours?

      • danamcdowell says:

        I have the Simple Touch, without the back-lit glow. As much as I LOVE my book collection, it was extremely impractical for me to buy the real thing while living up here (moving books sucks). I love having this ereader because it doesn’t feel like I am looking at a screen, and I don’t use it for anything else (you can buy and read, that’s it). Although the glow would be nice for nights when Ethan goes to bed before me (we still don’t have lamps), I am so happy with my Nook. =)

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