what’s cookin’ – a guest feature


Remember my what’s cookin’ feature? Well, it’s back! Today, I’ve got a super simple and super delicious hot cocoa recipe by Diana of our city lights. If you’ll notice she even included a healthier alternative as well and it’s just as yummy. This recipe will go hand in hand with this post of mine. Thanks Diana! I can’t wait to try this!

By the way, Diana just launched a very new project that is right up my alley, it’s called gadchick and it’s a gadget/techie site geared towards women. I’m so excited for her and am already drooling all over the gadchick blog.  Diana, I hope you’re ready for my million attempts at submitting articles for your site! Tee hee.

One thought on “what’s cookin’ – a guest feature

  1. veghotpot says:

    Tofu in hot chocolate! Madness! I’ll have to try it :D

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