our elopement – the location

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When I was looking into a good ol’ fashioned city hall wedding, I stumbled upon the fact that a couple Saturdays a month, the Chicago Cultural Center will hold civil weddings for a mere $10. Of course, they only take 9 couples so we jumped on making our reservation in advance. The cultural center is such a gorgeous place, we were so lucky that we had a chance to have our big day here. Plus the judge, clerk, everyone involved in the process were such lovely people.

3 thoughts on “our elopement – the location

  1. Anna Maria says:

    Wow! Absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Andy Love says:

    Hi !
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Simple, beautiful and with nice things (thanks to you, I came through this lovely, gorgeous Aubin & Wills white dress :) !!).

    And I just love the relationship you have with your husband; it is so beautiful and inspiring ! Congratulation to both of you; have a true, long and beautiful mariage.

    – A new fan !! :D

    • Dennise says:

      Andy, you are so sweet! Thank-you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy that you got the dress, isn’t it gorgeous? I was sad that my size sold out but am glad that someone else will get to rock that great dress! xoxo

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