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Hi, Lo here!

I first became aware of my inclination towards pink painted walls when I saw Silke Neumann’s hallway on Freunde von Freunden. Ye Rin Mok’s 28 Pictures Zine (of pink details) obviously also added fuel to the fire. I will probably never go so far as to actually painting a wall in my apartment but I do a nice “ooh and aww” whenever I stumble across a fancy picture on the web. For now, my color infatuation will just be manifested in all of the pink products I’ve been buying lately (iphone case, office chair, tea cups–I can’t stop)!

Lo is one of my most favorite bloggers and I’m so happy to have her as a guest blogger today. She blogs here as well as here, check it out! Thanks Lo, you rule!

One thought on “cravings // pink walls // a guest post

  1. […] you guys remember the lovely Lo who provided an awesome guest post while I was on vacation? Well, I have wonderful news, she is now an official regular guest […]

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