experimental tourism // a guest post


Hi there lovely Tenacious Dee readers! My name is Hannah, aka the girl inside the dinosaur costume operating the Hanasaurusrex blog and Etsy shop, and I’m super stoked to be a guest blogger for Dennise while she’s away on vaca!

So speaking of vacations and a little bit about me… I’ve been living in Hawaii for the last six years—not on vacation, but I know, please don’t hate me. Deep down, though, I’m really just down home Texas gal. I’m an artist, designer, illustrator and crafter who knits and crochets more than anything else these days. I work and live in a 500 sq. ft. cottage we call La Casita that I share with a Mr., two kitties (Bijou and Cosette) and two guinea pigs (Hazel and Cocoa).

This arrangement means I am always looking for ways to keep things fresh. So when I ran across Latourex and their experimental tourism page I was immediately inspired as well as amused. But oh no! I had a week full of commitments. No vacation for Hannah. Still, I wanted to mix it up! I decided to do a version of their A-Z-Travel experiment by exploring my day alphabetically. And I took my camera with me so you could come along!

Do you need to spice up your daily or long term itineraries? Well, experimental tourism could be your ticket! Pretty much all of their experiments offer a creative new way of looking at travel, whether you want to go far, far away or just hang around home base. I love their ERO-Travel idea of traveling somewhere with someone, using different means of transportation, and without any communication and then having to find one another! Sounds difficult and fun! Especially if you mix in a foreign language?!!

Well, I’ve definitely stayed my hour! Thank you Dennise, you are a total sweetheart. I hope your vacation is fun and fresh for sure!

Check out my Flickr to peep the rest of my alphabetically challenged day then go plan your next experimental tourism.

Thanks again Hannah, you rule lady! Make sure to check out Hannah’s shop as this lovely lady is one amazing knitter! She inspired me to finally pick up those needles and learn to knit and now I am hooked!

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