the personal series // 3


photography: Anni Compton
florals:  the Foxglove studio
styling: Dennise Saxton and Anni Compton
location: apartment of Linsey Burritt of Indo Projects

The personal series part 3 is here and this time we were all about the florals. What’s more exciting is as you can see from the above credits, Anni and I got some more talented, lovely ladies involved who helped make this shoot our best yet. Sweet as pie Caitlin of The Foxglove Studio made the two floral crowns I’m wearing and chose the other lovely flowers pictured. I stumbled upon Caitlin’s work in this shoot and knew that I just had to work with her and boy, am I glad I did, her creations were out of this world beautiful.

The location for our shoot was the lovely apartment of Linsey Burritt, one half of the amazing duo that makes up the Indo Projects. The funny part is we found Linsey completely by coincidence. Anni was scouting locations on Airbnb and fell head over heels for Linsey’s place. Little did we know that we had stumbled upon such an extremely talented creative, of course, once we stepped foot in her place, it was obvious that someone with serious creative chops lived there. There was so much ooh-ing and ah-ing from Anni and myself, there was just so much goodness in that place.

Happy weekend!

8 thoughts on “the personal series // 3

  1. Anni says:

    I can’t wait to hear your next idea for a shoot – because if it’s anything like this, it’ll be fabulous!

  2. danamcdowell says:

    Of course I love this. AND I love the tweaks to your design–very artsy, but still sleek. =)

  3. Sierra says:

    Are you kidding? Your blog name is perfect. And your pictures. You are so eclectic and I wish I could be as cool as you ;)

  4. Was blown away by these photos on Anni’s blog. Love your artistic vision. Wish I could create images like this!
    Ronnie xo

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