a work in progress


I’m in the process of getting some letterpress business cards (eeek!) and so am printing out some samples of designs to send out. Not really sold on this design but think I’m getting close. What do you guys think?

7 thoughts on “a work in progress

  1. Monica says:

    Hi Dennise, I always enjoy your updates; so uncluttered but thoughtful. I like to analyse, so here goes: I like the polyhedron- shows that you are open to different directions and possibilities (as in- not a plain square). Where it’s placed on the edge could be interpreted as “edgy” and unconventional, or as unfinished, or not properly planned to fit the space, or as a teaser that there is more see/find out. Overanalyzing? Me? Never!
    Keep up the good work; can’t wait to see what’s next. (hugs)

    • @Monica, thanks for the sweet words and the wonderful insight! You’re so right about the unfinished feel, I didn’t see it before but I definitely see it now. Thanks again! xo

  2. Lo says:

    oh man I love everything about it! Is it navy?

    Letterpress cards are the dreamiest.

  3. danamcdowell says:

    Haha, I thought it was navy too! In design school, I had a teacher who said the best lines are thin. You have that going on all over your bloggie, so maybe use that same idea here? I’d also venture into some layering, like your adorable floral portrait is underneath the shape! Good luck! Once a design is figured out, I’m making paper products too!

  4. Anni says:

    Love it! I also thought it was navy, and would prefer that to black… really makes it pop.

    One other thought, have you considered swapping the gmail address out for a dedicated one? Something like dennise@tenacious-dee.com or hello@tenacious-dee.com? (I am seriously considering a switch in the future to the “hello” style address, I adore it.)

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