atlas // sergio guijarro

sergio guijarro

I seem to be finding the most amazing geometric work lately and it makes me so happy, this project by Sergio Guijarro titled Atlas is so freakin’ rad, I can’t even stand it!

11 thoughts on “atlas // sergio guijarro

  1. petra says:

    pretty damn cool. nice find! so is your blog :)

  2. Lo says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It kind of changed my life.

  3. Freakin’ rad is darn right! Amazing work.

  4. Thank you everybody about the comments. You made my day.

    You can see the whole project here:


  5. sosallydesign says:

    woah, these are gorgeous! such amazing work, and super inspirational.
    also, just discovered your blog – love it! will be popping back regularly!

  6. […] you guys remember the amazing work of the talented Sergio Guijarro that I posted about awhile back? Well, Sergio e-mailed me recently about his new project and I was floored. I […]

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