beach day

If you live in a city that has: 1. a beach and 2. fall, then may I recommend spending a fall day at the beach. Is it cold and a bit windy? Sure, but you avoid large crowds and you have a better chance of exploring and uncovering sweet little spots that are ripe for adventures involving say, a blogger and her favorite photographer friend. Stay tuned, my friends and I will bring you the skinny on those adventures.

Happy Friday! xo

4 thoughts on “beach day

  1. Lo says:

    I so want to visit chicago!

  2. danamcdowell says:

    Oh you lucky ladies. So jealous. I like to think if I lived in Chicago, or the burbs of, I would gallivant with the two of you no problem hehe. A gal can dream, right?!

    • dennisesaxton says:

      @danamcdowell, I wish you did live close to me! Imagine all the adventures we’d have! Maybe someday I can come visit you. xo

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