the personal series // beach day

photography by Anni Compton
styling by Anni Compton and Dennise Saxton

Let me tell you about my magnificent pal Anni and how she’s the most amazing photographer. These pictures were taken at North Ave Beach, a place I’ve never been especially drawn to, every time I’ve been to this beach it’s been super crowded and unappealing but this time with Anni, it was different. It was a chilly day so there was no crowd and the more we explored, the more awesome little hidden spots we found. I couldn’t believe I had underestimated this place.

Folks, the sign of a good photographer is someone who can make you see that a place you always assumed as “meh” is actually a pretty magical place. Thanks again Anni!

6 thoughts on “the personal series // beach day

  1. Lo says:

    The third photo is great, you look so lovely!

  2. Anni says:

    You’re making me blush! :)
    Having a stylist with great taste definitely helps. <3

  3. danamcdowell says:

    Oh so jealous! I love the beach…can you believe they are hard to come by up here?

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