knitting in the round

As I’ve alluded to the last couple of weeks, I’ve been glued to my computer working hard on some freelance work. Times like these, I get fed up of staring at screens, so I usually reach for something to distract me for awhile so I can have fresh eyes once again. In my line of work, it’s important to walk away from the computer otherwise the pixels all start meshing together and that is just bad news bears.

Recently, what I’ve been reaching for to distract me has been my knitting bag and it’s so freaking therapeutic, you wouldn’t believe. I had the chance to take another awesome Dabble course last week and able to advance my knitting skills. If you found yourself in dire need of a hat, I could actually make you one. Hey, family and friends, guess what y’all are getting for Christmas? Yup.

5 thoughts on “knitting in the round

  1. The pictures look wonderful! I used to be scared of DPNs/circs, then I decided to give it a try one day… I became addicted. I love knitting in the round now. I still hate doing the foundation round though!

    • @lifefullofjules, yes, I was so intimidated at first too! They do simplify your life so much, right? Funny thing, I actually don’t mind doing the foundation round, but I hate finishing a project, binding off scares me every time.

  2. hanasaurusrex says:

    yay!!! go ahead and get you skillz on gurl! you’re gonna be making more than hats before you know it!

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