okay kiosk


I discovered this lovely lady on Instagram and I’m really glad I did. In addition to being an awesome designer, she also makes these lovely clay necklaces that I can’t get enough of, I keep going to the website trying to pick just one to purchase, but it can’t be done. I want all of them.


okay kiosk shop

Oh and this branding?! I die.

3 thoughts on “okay kiosk

  1. hanasaurusrex says:

    Oooo… I’m with you on the branding! veddy nice. and those handmade beads are muy bonita. can you share what her instagram username is? i’d like to follow her feed!

    • @hannasaurusrex, yes, those handmade beads are to die for! her instagram username is @okaykiosk. Did you check out her graphic design work, I have a creative crush on her if that makes any sense. :)

  2. lo says:

    I just checked out her graphic design stuff and it is AMAZING!

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