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In 2012 I saw my first year of wedded bliss, I took on some freelance work that led me to some lovely and talented people, learned how to knit, started collaborating with Anni and Dabble, was featured on The Everygirl, did a few guest posts on Breanna’s blog and met some amazing Chicago creatives.  2012, you were good to me.

In 2013 I hope to advance my career (I should probably start by working on my portfolio), knit a sweater or two, take on a complete weaving project, take a lot more pictures, work on more projects with Anni, do more yoga and connect with more Chicago bloggers/creatives.

What do you hope for in 2013? Happy, happy new year to you all!

2 thoughts on “it’s here

  1. danamcdowell says:

    How exciting! I don’t remember seeing your Everygirl feature…that is pretty major! I decided once we move back to MO, we are going to have to collaborate…will we still be blogging in 2015?! Happy New Year, love!

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