Last night I had the chance to attend a calligraphy class hosted by Dabble and held at this charming little coffee spot. Our teacher Meg, who is sweet as pie, gave us some guidance and tips and then let us loose with our pens and paper in tow, as you can see from the photos above, we took our lettering very seriously.

Taking this class made me realize how much I miss using pen and paper, as a kid, I used to love buying loads of cute stationery and writing notes to all my friends. So, I’m adding something to my 2013 goals, practice more handwriting, even if that means using my new calligraphy skills on a simple grocery list.

7 thoughts on “calligraphy

  1. Anni says:

    I love this! I’m always trying to improve my handwriting (I’m still a pen and paper girl at heart) but it’s pretty sad. I’d love to take a calligraphy class sometime.

    • I was really good at penmanship as a kid so it depresses me that I don’t “write” much anymore. This was a good way to get back to that, I would highly recommend taking a calligraphy class. xo

  2. danamcdowell says:

    I was watching The Wedding Planner the other weekend and almost fell over when I noticed invitations being handwritten in the little sequence before the big wedding. I don’t think I could ever be that disciplined! A class would definitely be helpful though!
    Side note: In sixth grade I consciously worked to improve my cursive. In high school Spanish I was docked for spelling on quizzes because my l’s and h’s look the same, but everyone always told me how pretty it was to look at.

    • I love that movie! Dermot Mulroney is so hot in that movie, I developed quite the crush on him watching it! I do remember the invitations being handwritten, it was such a pretty detail. I was such a superstar in penmanship as a kid but when learning cursive, I began changing certain letters like ‘r’ and ‘s’ to look more like handwriting because I hated their cursive versions. Ha! I was such a brat. :)

  3. so fun! i’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy… and thanks for sharing dabble, I’m thinking of signing up to teach an amigurumi class!

  4. […] and fighting a pesky cold. So, I decided to walk away from work and practice what I learned at my Dabble calligraphy class. I did some cheating though and used some charcoal instead of a calligraphy […]

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