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Here’s the thing, I love winter, I mean I reeeally love wintertime. You know all those talks of the wintertime blues and how to combat them, well, they don’t apply to me because I seem to be most inspired during this season. This is normally the time I’m inspired to stay home and try new recipes, the time I realize I need to get serious about a workout plan (desperately), the time I get serious about learning new skills, you get the picture. This isn’t to say that I’m a lazy, unhappy bum during the spring and summertime, I just really love winter and I thought the world should know.

2 thoughts on “winter

  1. danamcdowell says:

    What’s the weather like by you these days? I’m a spring and fall person myself =)

    • It’s been a pretty wet winter, some snow but lots of rain. Ironically enough, the day I prepared this post was an unseasonably 63 degree day with lots of rain. It prompted me to declare my love for the good old fashioned winters of yore. :)

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