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Every so often, I covet other careers, I think to myself, “If I could do it over again..” or “In my next life I will be…” These careers have included illustrator, textile designer and the new one is photo stylist. Can you imagine how fun and rewarding a career in photo styling would be? Til that next life that I’m counting on, I will live vicariously through photos like these.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “carl bengtsson

  1. danamcdowell says:

    I don’t think that people are as tied down as they have been in the past. So many people go to school for other things and then decide, “you know what? I’d really love to do _____.” And they do it! Especially with the internet, and blogging, we can be a bit of everything in our own way. And if you are really good at it in a personal way, people will take notice eventually! I think you can be anything and everything you want =)

    • Those are some really great points Dana! On one hand, it is so great that we are not limited to one career or one job our entire lives like generations before us, I guess one could argue the negative effects of that as well, our generation being one that gets bored easily and jumping from thing to thing, I am definitely one who has explored many different fields.

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