cupcake decorating


This past Wednesday, Dabble held a special event featuring two awesome classes back to back, the first being cupcake decorating. I gotta admit, I was really terrible at the decorating part, a girl mentioned her fondant rose looking more like a succulent than a rose, well, mine didn’t even resemble a plant of any sort. Ha! Nevertheless, the class was super-duper fun and the cupcakes, which our teacher Meg lovingly made, were pretty damn delicious.


I have so much respect for all you bakers and pastry gurus, Cake Boss makes it look so easy (ok, not really), but boy, decorating those yummy treats is not easy. I’m glad that I make up for my lack of cupcake artistry by being a champ at eating ’em. Yep, I’m pretty tough to beat in that department.


Oh and by the way, this class was held at Dabble’s new headquarters, a lovely office space in Enerspace Chicago, just look at all that lovely light and ample space! Congrats Dabble peeps, you guys rule! xo

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