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Here’s one from the “duh, everyone knew that, what took you so long to figure it out?” department, but hey plants sure do transform a home, don’t they? My husband and I went nuts the other day and brought home some plants. I cannot believe how nice it is to be surrounded by these green beauties, our living room smells great and I have someone to talk to when I’ve been staring at this screen nonstop and gone a bit loopy.

Of course, when you purchase plants, they come in ugly, generic pots so I’ve been on the hunt for pretty planters. Naturally, my first stop was Etsy and I found myself bookmarking a ton of real cute finds. Do you guys have any shops you’d like to recommend, I’m actually pretty excited about filling my home with unique, handmade planters.

4 thoughts on “plant lady, here

  1. West Elm Market! cute planters at good prices

    • @LaurenLaPaige, thanks, I will definitely check out West Elm, I’ve been meaning to make a trip there, this is the perfect opportunity! Also, it seems you are a bonafide plant lady so you may be getting some e-mails from me… :)

  2. Anni says:

    These are great! I need to get better with plants… we have a few cacti, and one or two succulents, but beyond that we really need more. I have a hard time figuring out what’s cat friendly, etc, when I’m at the store and just thinking, “ooh pretty!”

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