giant knitting needles


buy them here

I almost titled this post big ass knitting needles but decided not to, then I decided to stay true to myself and mention it in the body of the post instead.

Seriously though, I really want me a pair of humongous needles so I can make some awesome big rugs and finally have a reason to use super bulky yarn like this:


buy yarn here

Also, if I could steal that outfit from the cutie above, that would be great as well.

Happy Friday, friends.

8 thoughts on “giant knitting needles

  1. hanasaurusrex says:

    those are aahhhh-wesome! and affordable too! i wanna make big-a$$ rugs too! ;D

  2. veiledpurl says:

    Woah, I didn’t know such huge knitting needles even existed. It must be a real challenge to knit with these. Very admirable.

    ~the Veiled Purl @

  3. Pam Powell says:

    Where did u find the fabulous yarn? Thanks so much for your info!!! Pam

  4. Mary Dillon says:

    I would love to buy the yard but the link does not work.

  5. hi, where do you buy that super chunky yarn?…and what is the size of those large needles?…been searching online and nada thus far…only size 50 plastic needles in a few stores….thanks!…cheers,gayle

  6. Where can I buy these extra knitting needles? Can I order them?

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