saria dy

saria-dyphotos by Saria Dy

The only complaint I have about my home is the lack of good light, taking good photographs is nearly impossible. Which is why when I see beautiful images like these by Saria Dy, I am equal parts inspired and extremely envious.

2 thoughts on “saria dy

  1. danamcdowell says:

    I know how that goes. I have to take nearly all my photos in my bedroom, but then if the sun is out, its WAY out in a bad washed-out/glaring sort of way. I can’t wait for a place with more windows and more photo-taking locations to choose from =)

    • It’s hard because I could open my windows but then everyone can see inside our house and that makes me uneasy. I think it would help if we painted the house some lighter colors, but who has the time for that, right? :)

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