pinata makin’


I have a thing for pinatas, I always have. A few years back, when my husband and I bought our house and we hosted a housewarming BBQ, he insisted we have burgers and hot dogs and I insisted we have a pinata. My friends didn’t really know what to make of this, but luckily we had some kids in attendance who really enjoyed taking care of that pinata.

Thanks to Dabble and the lovely and super talented ladies of Eriewood Collective, the next time I have a special occasion, I can make my very own pinata in whichever shape I choose! To say I’m stoked with my new found knowledge would be an understatement. Eriewood Collective, you have created a monster. Ha!


3 thoughts on “pinata makin’

  1. Yours Ever says:

    So fun! I want to make one of these. I love that you always go to the dabble classes. I have to remember to check the schedule because the ones you’ve taken seem like so much fun :)

  2. danamcdowell says:

    I remember Seventeen magazine (or something similar) had these little party ideas YEARS ago, and one was for a fiesta with piñata invitations. I swear those are still the coolest things ever! I’m not sure I’d want anyone to smash yours to bits though! Hopefully you are keeping it just for display? hehe

  3. ALecia says:

    sooo cute. I want to learn how to make one!

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