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Last night I had the chance to attend a calligraphy class hosted by Dabble and held at this charming little coffee spot. Our teacher Meg, who is sweet as pie, gave us some guidance and tips and then let us loose with our pens and paper in tow, as you can see from the photos above, we took our lettering very seriously.

Taking this class made me realize how much I miss using pen and paper, as a kid, I used to love buying loads of cute stationery and writing notes to all my friends. So, I’m adding something to my 2013 goals, practice more handwriting, even if that means using my new calligraphy skills on a simple grocery list.


knitting in the round

As I’ve alluded to the last couple of weeks, I’ve been glued to my computer working hard on some freelance work. Times like these, I get fed up of staring at screens, so I usually reach for something to distract me for awhile so I can have fresh eyes once again. In my line of work, it’s important to walk away from the computer otherwise the pixels all start meshing together and that is just bad news bears.

Recently, what I’ve been reaching for to distract me has been my knitting bag and it’s so freaking therapeutic, you wouldn’t believe. I had the chance to take another awesome Dabble course last week and able to advance my knitting skills. If you found yourself in dire need of a hat, I could actually make you one. Hey, family and friends, guess what y’all are getting for Christmas? Yup.

custom cutting board

This past weekend, I had the chance to attend the coolest Dabble class to date, I had a chance to make my very own cutting board! That’s right, I have added woodworking to my ever growing list of obsessions.

The class was held at ReBuilding Exchange, a rad studio with a very open floor plan. I must say, at first, the thought of handling a chop saw was terrifying, I will admit to a fleeting moment of panic, but the moment I used it, I felt this powerful feeling rush through me that was pretty exhilarating.

If you’ve ever contemplated taking a woodworking class, take it from me, it’s such a rewarding experience.

drawing with charcoal

There are few things in this world that bring me more satisfaction than making things with my hands. It’s true, I have an extremely unhealthy attachment to my computer, but there is nothing like the old-fashioned ways of making art. So, I’m really excited to have teamed up with dabble to bring you the “dabbler experience”, this particular experience was a drawing with charcoal class.

The class was held at One Strange Bird which I was stoked about because I cannot get enough of this place, and Nicole, the owner and teacher of the class, is so lovely and as it turns out, she and I have a ton of similar interests. An obsession with washi tape anyone?

Here a few snaps of some of the awesome handmade items in Nicole’s store. How cute is this place?

Check out the dabble site and if your city is lucky enough to host their classes, you need to start dabbling immediately, you won’t regret it!