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I don’t like this: a series


illustrations by caitlyn murphy as part of her I don’t like this series

Like most people, there is nothing I appreciate more than a good sense of humor, so I was delighted to come across this awesome series of illustrations, I don’t like this by Caitlyn Murphy. I was especially drawn to the 3 illustrations above as they are things that I also dislike. I’m sorry turtlenecks, but I’ll pass.

emily tu


designs by emily tu

I am obsessed with this interface design created by Emily Tu for the Robert Burns Museum in Scotland. I am really taken by those illustrations, so freakin’ cute!

petra borner

petra borner

These sweet illustrations by Petra Borner are making me giddy, especially the top one because at this moment I am sporting a cardigan and people, cardigan weather is my absolute favorite. Autumn is here friends, huzzah!

filly designs

filly designs / shop

Simply loving these illustrations showcasing items for filly designs! Reminds me of vintage sewing patterns that I wanna buy simply for the illustrations. Also, makes me wanna get back into sewing….

jessica durrant

jessica durrant / shop / via

Um, yeah, these sweet fashion illustrations make me want to put on pretty dresses and twirl round and round. Jessica Durrant, your illustrations are pure, pure magic!

dan blackman // graphic usa

dan blackman / graphic usa / prints

Loving the illustrations that dan blackman did for graphic usa, a book that serves as an alternative travel guide for american cities. The illustrations above are for the Chicago guide.

chelsea cardinal

chelsea cardinal

Completely smitten with the magical illustrations of chelsea cardinal. It’s hard to pick a favorite but the watermelon and grapefruit are especially magical…

creative chicago // denise holmes

image and illustrations by Denise Holmes // striped paper tape via creature comforts

The adorable and talented lady I had the honor of interviewing for this week’s creative chicago is the awesome Denise Holmes. First of all, she’s got a pretty awesome name if I do say so myself, but most importantly she has got some serious illustratin’ skills. I mean check out her work and you’ll fall just as hard as I did!

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le petit elefant

Being one half of a bespectacled pair, I love everything about this.

creative chicago // cindy tomczyk

images via cindy from paper parasol press // striped paper tape via creature comforts

I am so thrilled to introduce a new feature on Tenacious Dee for 2012, Chicago Creatives. There is so much talent and creativity everywhere in this dear city of mine and I want to highlight some lovely creative people who inspire me. First up is Cindy Tomczyk of Paper Parasol Press, a letterpress shop that creates beautiful cards and posters. Cindy graciously answered a few of my burning questions and I’m stoked to share them with you!

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