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I hit a bit of a road block as far as work this weekend, I attended a work-related seminar on Saturday which took up most of the day, Sunday was spent getting trying to catch up on things I missed Saturday and fighting a pesky cold. So, I decided to walk away from work and practice what I learned at my Dabble calligraphy class. I did some cheating though and used some charcoal instead of a calligraphy pen.

That is how productive I was this weekend, how about you?

a spring study part two


photography by the one and only Anni Compton
florals by Elizabeth of Asrai Garden
styling by Dennise Saxton and Anni Compton


I’d like to take my profession of love for winter back because this spring project has got me real excited about nice weather, pretty dresses, flowers and sunshine, lots of it. Winter, I love you but I think you and I should take a break… it’s not you, it’s me.

a spring study


photography by the one and only Anni Compton
florals by Elizabeth of Asrai Garden
styling by Dennise Saxton and Anni Compton


So, I’ve dusted the cobwebs off this blog of mine and I bring you a fun little Spring shoot Anni and I worked on last week. We knew we wanted to work with florals again since we had so much fun the last time around. When brainstorming of what to pair with florals, I realized how fun it is to start digging through your closet at the start of a new season. Florals and pretty clothes, what a pair! A huge thanks to Elizabeth Cronin of Asrai Garden for providing the beautiful flowers, if you live in Chicago or are ever in the area, you have to stop by Asrai Garden, it’s the loveliest little floral shop on earth, I’m sure of it.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing a few more shots tomorrow…

wardrobe revamp


Yesterday a small group of women gathered at this lovely place looking for some tips on hand sewing and mending clothes. This Dabble course, taught by the super sweet and talented Kandy Christensen was very laid-back and super helpful, after Kandy taught us how to properly sew on a button, it was like a light bulb went off, we all shared that wonderful a-ha moment. The combination of sewing, drinking and eating was surprisingly a great combination as well, as you can see from the photos, we had some good grub to nosh on whilst learning.

I look forward to taking some further lessons from Kandy and finally put to use that awesome sewing machine my husband bought me for Christmas. Up first, this pattern that I’ve been dying to make, hopefully in time for summer.

snowed in


Chicago got a whole lot of snow yesterday, it was great, especially since I got to enjoy it from the comfort of my home, as you can see from the photos above, I didn’t even make it past the front porch. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of work to catch up on so I was very productive, it just so happened none of it led me past the front door. I’ve already been hearing rumblings of “I can’t wait for spring” and “I’m so done with winter”, but me, I’m perfectly content with this weather.

yarn lady, here


As promised, I am sharing with you the awesome photos I walked away with after the Dabble product photography class, aren’t they great?! We were told in advance to bring a few items to photograph and knew I just had to bring my newly-finished speckled hat. If you haven’t seen it yet, Hannah, the lovely lady behind Hetterson designed this gorgeous hat pattern for Frolic, and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had knitting. My husband says it’s his favorite thing I’ve knit and I’d have to agree with him. Thanks so much for sharing this gem Chelsea and Hannah!

I also brought my WIP to photograph, this is the start of my first set of mittens, wish me luck!


I gotta say, it’s gonna be hard to photograph my knitting projects at home now, I may have to enlist Erika and her studio’s help for all my knits, uh oh, this hobby of mine just became really expensive.

product photography 101


This past weekend, I snuck away from my work to take another (I can’t get enough!!) great Dabble course, beginning product photography taught by the awesome photographer, Erika DuFour. The class consisted mostly of entrepreneurs seeking tips on photographing their items for Etsy, Ebay, etc. It was so great to meet these talented people and discover new shops (more on that later!), it’s so encouraging to see the ever growing entrepreneurial scene in Chicago, especially those selling really cute handmade items. By the way, the lovely floral arrangements I went nuts taking pictures of are by Cindy Schwartz. I couldn’t get enough of those flowers!

Erika was a great teacher, she made the whole process seem so accessible despite our using some high-tech, expensive equipment, she was very adamant about using what we have at home and improvising to get quality photos which was really refreshing, she didn’t once try to sell us on any high-end products. This experience also cemented in my mind the importance of professional photographers, they are worth every single penny people!

My favorite part of the whole process? Erika’s awesome studio! I’d love to go back someday and take more pictures of that space, it was that great.


Thanks again Dabble and Erika for such a wonderful class! Stay tuned, my next post will include the studio photos I snapped. Happy Monday!