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Ah, still life photographs of pretty objects, I will never, ever tire of thee.

attention southern california

photos by anni cee photograhie, wedding and lifestyle photography extraordinaire

My lovely pal Anni is going on a West Coast adventure and bringing her trusty camera along but I’ll let her tell you about it:

Hey everyone! My name is Anni, and you may have seen my work around here during one of the many collaborations Dennise and I partnered up to create. (See here)

I’m thrilled to be a regular part of such a well-curated blog, and since I know you all are a stylish bunch, I asked Dennise if I could give a shout-out on here about my upcoming trip to California. 

I’ll be offering a limited number of photo sessions in SoCal (although if we can round up a few people in another part of the state who want shoots, or if you’re interested in wedding photos, my travel dates are flexible) and I’ll be staying in Los Angeles and Palm Springs from December 26th through January 5th. 

I love photographing just about any kind of creative session, whether it’s an engagement, a wedding, a lifestyle session, or editorial work. If you’re interested, or have any questions, drop me a note at Thanks so much and I hope to see some of you in sunny California – it’s currently 30 degrees and windy here in Chicago, so I’m counting down the days! 


                                                                   annie collinge

Just in case you had a tough week and you were looking for somewhere to hide, here’s a way to do it in style.

yarn on the brain

wool and the gang

I guess the unofficial theme of the day is knitting. I couldn’t resist posting these pictures from the wool and the gang tumblr, talk about some knitting goodness, they are chock full of yarn creation inspiration. That cobalt blue cowl must be mine!

the personal series // beach day

photography by Anni Compton
styling by Anni Compton and Dennise Saxton

I can’t think of a better way to end this super hectic work week (sorta- I work on Saturdays) than with the last of my collaboration with Anni.

I’m gonna try my best to get back to a regular blogging schedule next week, until then here’s to getting some sleep!

Have a wonderful halloween party weekend! xo

the personal series // beach day

photography by Anni Compton
styling by Anni Compton and Dennise Saxton

Can you believe these pictures were taken in Chicago? I can hardly believe it myself! It almost looks like I am somewhere with actual nature.

Funny thing, I believe the third picture above has become my most favorite picture of me for two reasons, my hair looks unruly which, for someone with super straight hair is pretty cool and two, if you look closely, you’ll notice one of the rising number of grey hairs taking over the piece of real estate in apparent high demand otherwise known as the front of my scalp. The first time I noticed a grey hair, I gasped in horror and immediately began skipping down the treacherous path of what am I doing with my life questions and silly I’m getting old panic attacks but in no time I became used to those little guys and even consider them friends now. I figure if older equals wiser then those those grey hairs are like certificates of achievement. Anyone else with me?

the personal series // beach day

photography by Anni Compton
styling by Anni Compton and Dennise Saxton

Let me tell you about my magnificent pal Anni and how she’s the most amazing photographer. These pictures were taken at North Ave Beach, a place I’ve never been especially drawn to, every time I’ve been to this beach it’s been super crowded and unappealing but this time with Anni, it was different. It was a chilly day so there was no crowd and the more we explored, the more awesome little hidden spots we found. I couldn’t believe I had underestimated this place.

Folks, the sign of a good photographer is someone who can make you see that a place you always assumed as “meh” is actually a pretty magical place. Thanks again Anni!

the velvet bird

shop / blog

Oh dresses, I can never get enough of them. Even as winter approaches, I am still on the hunt for some pretties I can layer with tights and cardigans and these lovelies by The Velvet Bird fit the bill perfectly. Plus, how cute is the designer behind these dresses? I feel a girl crush coming on..

photo by lisa warninger

inspiring spaces // l’atelier 1/3


Pretty much enthralled with every detail from this workspace. Really loving the various scatter of polka-dots throughout the room, I don’t think I can ever tire of the magic of the polka-dot.

oh, those screens

screens by monica sanchez

This photo series by Monica Sanchez titled Screens made me chuckle because I can totally relate, as I’m sure you all can too. Ah, ya gotta love being a prisoner to those pesky screens, eh?